Digital Photography for Forensic Collision Investigators

6-10th March2023
8-12th May 2023
5-9th June 2023
4-8th September 2023
23-27th October 2023
4-8th December 2023

Unit 2, The Studio, Southlands Lane, West Chiltington

West Sussex RH20 2JU

Members of ITAI - £650 +VAT (inc refreshments and lunches)

Non-member of ITAI - £699 +VAT (inc refreshments and lunches)

For enquiries and / or to reserve your place, please

Delegates will need to book their own accommodation, but we can supply a list of hotels in the area if required.

Cameracal - - 01798 306599

Cameracal is collaborating with ITAI to bring digital photographic training to members of the Institute and other interested persons. We believe that your digital camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment available to you, sadly it is also one where training is often neglected and almost never refreshed, despite continued changes to the technology and importantly, emerging requirements from the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR).

Some Forensic Collision Investigators or Vehicle Examiners may have had some training, but this may have been many years ago, or cascaded from someone who went on a course, or undergone training that was of a more generic nature and crucially provided by someone who had little or no experience as to what Forensic Collision Investigation and Vehicle Examination work entails.

This training course is specifically designed for Forensic Collision Investigators and Vehicle Examiners, and mirrors the course content being offered to police FCI’s.

This course is presented over 5 full days and includes practical sessions, assessments, and assignments. The practical sessions allow you to practice techniques and gather data for the assignments.

The assessment and assignment process has recently undergone a complete review (in line with our 6 month review policy) and now incorporates a tiered approach dependent upon the level you wish to undertake. These are:

Refresher / Basic Level Certificate

1 week of training, daily assessments, extended practical assessment, on-line final examination (to be completed within 7 days from the end of the course). Grade - Pass. A further refresher course within 3 years. 

Standard Level Certificate

1 week of training, daily assessments, practical assessment, on-line final examination (to be completed within 7 days from the end of the course), plus a photographic portfolio of images based on 4 assignments, but without the written elements of the original assignments, submitted within 6 weeks of the end of the course. Grade - Pass or Merit, based on marks. A further refresher course within 3 years. 

Advanced Level Certificate

1 week of training, daily assessments, extended practical assessment, on-line final examination (to be completed within 7 days from the end of the course), plus 6 written assignments with practical photographic tasks and submitted within 10 weeks of the end of the course. Grade - Pass, Merit and Distinction, based on marks. A further refresher course within 5 years. 

The comprehensive and detailed training is backed up by training staff with over 30 years’ experience in the photographic industry, training and retail, and over 35 years’ experience in Collision Investigation. It is also backed by Nikon UK who are providing equipment for the course.

The course covers everything from the technology involved, how it works and the differences between current common technologies (DSLR vs Mirrorless, Full frame vs APS-C vs Micro 4/3rds etc.), sensors, focussing systems etc., through to settings and input on capturing images in different scenarios and lighting conditions, HDR imagery, focus stacking, macro, plus a myriad of other aspects (filters, accessories, enhancing marks etc.).  The course also covers capturing day and night-time scenes, photographing vehicles and damage, as well as important aspects such as field of view, depth of field and perspective from a driver/witness point of view.

In addition, it’s important for FCI’s to understand how to back up their data and maintain audit trails, to conform to best practice and also align with the requirements of the FSR. In addition to these aspects, the course also covers the basics of editing, dust deletion, how to use images and understanding exif data, as well as how to clean sensors and why camera and lens calibration is necessary and the advantages of doing so.

This is all backed up with a comprehensive presentation and a supporting manual, to ensure that delegates have the reference material they need to refresh themselves.  The course will culminate in a certificate issued jointly by Cameracal and ITAI, following a delegate successfully passing the course. It will also attract CPD, as determined by ITAI.

Post course, Cameracal will also offer, during normal business hours, a free advice helpline, should delegates run into technical difficulties.

For courses run at our studio, delegates will also visit a recovery agent for some of the practical sessions. Practical sessions will also cover photographing vehicles and views, using filters, lighting, low light and night-time scenes, as well as other relevant aspects.

Refreshments and lunches are provided throughout the course. Delegates will require a DSLR / Mirrorless or Bridge camera and a laptop to undertake the course.

All learning materials are supplied via a resources folder which remains accessible to delegates post course.

This course does not, however, include accommodation, so that will need to be booked separately, but for reference…

Accommodation (examples):

Roundabout Hotel, West Chiltington - a 3 minute car journey from our studio (approx 1 mile).

Premier Inn Arundel Hotel - a short walk from Arundel town centre. This is a 20min drive away from us (approx 8 miles away).

Premier Inn Worthing Seafront - located on the seafront and 5 mins from the town centre (walking). This is also a 20-25 min drive away from us (approx 9 miles away).

Comfort Inn Arundel - a short walk from Arundel town centre (walking). This is a 20 min drive away from us (approx 8 miles).

To reserve your place on this course, please email:

Please specify whether you are a member of ITAI (all grades of member qualify for discounted price) with your membership number.

We can also come to you and for details, dates and pricing please contact us.

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